BASICS- a one of a kind photography exhibition in Patna from 8-12 June 2018.

Many a times, art exhibitions and presentations are done around the globe. But rare are the occasions, where in an exhibition tries to achieve a bit more than just a presentation of someone’s work. And as far as Patna is concerned, there have been zero to none such instances wherein such an exhibition has taken place.

But that streak is about to die, with the photography exhibition called “BASICS”, which is about to take place in our city.

Three freelance photographers and visual artists, who hail from Patna itself are going to exhibit their works at Nritya Kala Mandir, Frazer Road, Patna from 8-12 June 2018

These three artists, namely Animesh Dutta, Surya Prakash Rana and Santshree Sinha feel proud in sharing the fact that the photographs which are being exhibited, cover several different genres of photography which have been clicked and created at over 20 different places of different parts of India.

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From a massive collection of thousands of photos clicked around India, only best 72 photos are  going to be put up at the exhibition. Here are some of the glimpses giving you an idea about the photos which are being exhibited:

Along with the presentation of the works of these artists, there will also be a room for positive discussions and conversations revolving around Photography. Various basic concepts of photography, as the name itself suggests, are intended to be discussed over the course of five days.

The entry is free and open to everyone to see and be a part of this event, everyday from 11 AM to 6 PM.

So it’s your chance to learn and share your stories about photography along with us and these artists, at this event called “BASICS”, a Photography Exhibition.
Be a part of this event to learn, share and create something new together.

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