Baatein Aman ki | Peace talks to promote humanity and goodwill
Baatein Aman ki, Bihar

Baatein Aman ki | Peace talks to promote humanity and goodwill

Since 21
st September, 2018 five different group of women from five different parts of India are marching all over the country under the banner of “Aman ki Yatra”. The five different groups are marching with different names as “Maitri Yatra” from Kashmir, “Samanta Yatra” from New Delhi, “Ekta Yatra” from Kanyakumari, “Ekjut Yatra” from Kerala, and “Nyay Yatra” from Jorhat, Assam. With the message of peace and harmony, 25 women’s “Nyay Yatra”, after touring from West Bengal and various districts of Bihar, has arrived Patna.  An event named “Baatein Aman ki” was organised in Gandhi Maidan near the statue of Mahatma Gandhi to talk about peace. Many people from all walks of life gathered to make the event successful.

Nivedita Shakeel, senior journalist and activist, started the event by addressing the crowd and informing them about the the whole movement of “Baatein Aman ki”.

“This movement is about the growing differences between the people, atrocities faced by women, exploitation of women’s rights and their freedom of expression. This is high time that we should come together and raise our voices against it.”  said Nivedita Shakeel.

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The special guests of the event were:

  1. Shabnam Hashmi, Human Rights activist
  2. Padma Shree Sudha Varghese, social worker
  3. Alok Dhanwa, poet
  4. Colonel Mehboob, Aazad Hind Fauj
  5. Zeenat Ahmad, social worker
  6. Usha Jha, President, Bihar Women Industry
  7. Daisy Narayan
  8. Mukta Sinha, granddaughter of Munshi Premchand
  9. Philip Manthra, former president of PUCL
  10. Arun Kamal, Poet

The women touring for “Aman ki Yatra” were felicitated with shawls by Leena Dabiru. The welcome speeches for the women of “Aman ki Yatra” were given by Zeenat Ahmad and Daisy Narayn.

The “Nari Gunjan Sargam Band” performed at the very beginning and lightened the mood of the audience.

The cultural performances were started by the singing performance of IPTA group. They voiced the famous poems of Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Kabir. Sumanto Banarjee performed Ravindra Sangeet. Tribal folk songs and dance, performed by the women of Domestic Helpers Union, added the charm to the event.

The members of “Aman ki Yatra” are: Acham Nagonmai from Delhi, Amit Yadav from Delhi, Preeti Jha from Bihar, Pooja, Kavita Gajendran from Tamil Nadu, Naseem Mansuriben from Gujrat, Yasraf Fatima, Nujit Fatima, Fareed Hussain Shah from Kashmir, Roshan Goswami from Raipur, V. Sarvani, V. Nagam from Hyderabad, Manjula Dahyabhai from Gujrat, Kamlaben Jayantibai, Aatika Singh from Kolkata, and Shehnaaz from Delhi.

In the end there was a encouraging performance by IPTA troop and then Pooja gave the thanking speech. The event was hosted by Nivedita Shakeel.

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