Art Exhibition

This Art Exhibition has proved, it’s not just a Delhi-Mumbai thing!

An Art Exhibition was held in Café Hideout on Boring Road, Patna on the 9th of June. The name of the exhibition was titled “The Last Leaf” that symbolises the hope of reincarnation.

“We named it The Last Leaf because the last leaf is the leaf of hope, survival and beginning of a new life”.Amyrah Khan, Organizing Head.

Art Exhibition

The event was supposed to start at 4 pm but people started joining the exhibition from early as 12 pm. The exhibition was organized by the organization “la Pintura’’ headed Ankita Raj , which means ‘The Painting‘. This event was organized to give a platform to many young artists to showcase their art. Ankita said that soon they are planning to organize an art carnival in Patna. Her painting ‘Dead and alive’ and ‘Lakshmi Bhawan’ was a good attraction for every visitor. Lakshmi Bhawan was the painting of a building of Sabjibagh. Her painting,‘Innocence of Kaali’ aimed to highlight the innocent aspect of goddess Durga which otherwise considered as a mythological character with an aggressive attitude.

Art Exhibition

Photographs of Kumar Gautam was highly appreciated by many young photographers of Patna and he was also involved in organizing a committee of the exhibition. Chandan of BSM Sports Academy and Stan Ly set up a stall related to sports and food respectively.
Many prolific artists came forward and contributed their artwork in the exhibition including Anushka Prakash, Puja Tijya, Prerna Anand, Vishesh Chitransh, Aaditya Kumar Singh , Shivanki Prashad , Tulika Awasthi, Neelanjana, Aditi, Priya Ranjan,Sonu Kumar, Aashka Sharma, Anushka Prakash, Lori, Amyrah, Shweta Sharma, Mohit Parth, Ritu Raj, and Shreshkar Pawan. Many Radio Jockeys of Patna joined the event including RJ Anjali , RJ Umang , RJ Shreyansh , RJ Apoorwa , RJ Simmi , and RJ Visha.

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition
After joining the session Rj Anjali of Radio Mirchi quoted, “Ye Chizen Delhi-Bombay me hotin hain, apne shehar mein dekh kar kaafi accha laga.’’

Art Exhibition

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A painting by Priya Kumar was being noticed by almost everyone present there. It was made of raw charcoal that took her 9 months to complete. Aaditya Kumar Singh exhibited his urban sketching .His Bihar urban sketch series portrays different buildings of the state. Anushka Prakash’s painting “The Peace’’ was one of the paintings among all. She explains about this painting that, “Today we are lacking peace in the world and we need to restore it so my painting here depicts Buddha as the epitome of peace and harmony.”

Art Exhibition

Vishesh’s painting was titled as “An offer you cannot refuse.” The portrait explores the theme of the Good and Bad in every decision a man takes, as based on Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather, as portrayed by Marion Brando. He also exhibited paintings including the title,“Wrath of the seven seas”, “The Red Right Hand’’ “Who Will Cry When You Die”, and “Always”.

Art Exhibition
Neelanjana showcased her painting, “Colours Of Anahata.” It was described as “Krishna is meditating upon as the inner-self of all and he is joy incarnate and our empty heart is an instrument like a flute.”
Exhibitions are held to give an impetus to art and other works.

Art Exhibition

An Art Exhibition includes a festoon of various artefacts from countless forms of creativity such as paintings, drawings, crafts, sculptures, etc. Art is never created in a vacuum. It is important to understand the historical, cultural and social circumstances behind the creation and creator.
Happy and cheerful faces were there with young and creative minds. The Ambience was good enough to create the aura of art and artists on the terrace where the event was organized. We expect to witness more such exhibitions in our city on different themes.

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