Arinjay Rajj, Co-Author Of The Best Selling Book on Amazon Has Become a Youth Icon.
Arinjay Rajj

Arinjay Rajj, The Co-Author Of The Best Selling Book on Amazon Has Become a Youth Icon

Unstoppable courage

“The dark times are the biggest times to create the masterpiece that lies deep inside us” quotes Arinjay Rajj. Author of the #1 International best-selling book on Amazon ‘Unstoppable courage’, Arinjay Rajj has adorned the state with his book. He is the co-author of the book which has another 20 international authors from all over the world.
Lost his father at a very early age, Mr. Rajj has grown up to be an accomplished man and an author who works for youth empowerment and transformational mentoring to corporates and individuals.
The times when you lose the guidance of an elder figurine, he recollected himself. He completed his studies at Muzaffarpur. The place where he felt had a loss of opportunities, but he didn’t let it be a deterrent. Living in a small town couldn’t stop him from manifesting bigger goals in life. At an early age, he also engulfed in unwanted social influences. But as said, even if you cut the flower you can’t keep the spring away. He knew he was meant to do something of a higher purpose. His passion for growth reflects in his transformational journey.

The first book of Arinjay Rajj was ‘Being Employable’. He was the co-author of the book and the other authors come from different personal, professional, and geographical backgrounds. The book is an insight into the vision of employability and making India employable. This book is a must-read for students, teachers, parents, teaching institutions.
Arinjay Rajj is a National Director of the International Human Rights Organization and looking after the youth empowerment programs in 22 states of India.
Arinjay Rajj is also a national faculty member of the Art of Living Foundation. It is an international NGO operating in more than 160 countries. It focuses on several aspects of society. He has been a part of this organization for years now. He is a mentor and a great speaker who has transformed many lives.
His recent book ‘Unstoppable Courage” depicts ways how life can be hard sometimes and living it is itself a challenge. He conveys a message to the readers not to be afraid of the darkness and consider it as an opportunity to work on creating a better version of themselves. He provides scientifically proven techniques of positivity that works wonders on people. The book became international bestselling on Amazon and Mr. Rajj the #1 International bestselling author on Amazon.
Featured in Forbes India for his transformational work for the youth, Arinjay Rajj with his hard work and creativity was nominated for the Business Mint Nationwide Awards 2020. He strives to make people discover their internal strength and capabilities and the power of resilience.
He has helped many individuals to overcome their inner and outer obstacles that obstruct their personal growth.his award-winning transformational mindset coaching helps people to unleash their highest potential and raise their self worth for success and fulfillment in life.

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