Are you a Graduate Constituency Voter?All you need to know about MLC Graduate Constituency

What is the election all about?

In the Bihar Legislative Council, there are 75 members (63 Elected + 12 Nominated) who are called Member of Legislative Council (MLC). The MLCs are elected in 4 different ways:


  • Elected by Legislative Assembly Members (MLAs)
  • Elected by Local Authorities Members (like Ward Councilors)
  • Elected by Teachers
  • Elected by Graduates

How Graduate Constituency MLC Election happens?

All the graduates from a particular constituency (like Patna) vote to elect their MLC.

Which area comes under Patna Graduate Constituency?

Three districts: Patna, Nalanda and Nawada.


What is Graduate Constituency Voter List?

Any graduate from an Indian University can register as a graduate voter. This is a separate voting list from the usual voter list used for Vidhansabha (MLA) and Loksabha (MP) elections. This is to be done NOW. Registration closes on 6th Nov 2019.

What are the documents needed for the enrollment in the Voter List?

All you need is a registration form (Form 18) and degree certificate or marks-sheet. You can also complete the process through online mode at



Who can vote?

The voter should be an ordinary resident of Patna, Nalanda or Nawada district, and should have had completed graduation or equivalent by 1st November 2016 from an Indian university.

Who is an “ordinary” resident?

Anyone who is a permanent resident in the constituency is an ordinary resident. Those who are temporarily absent from the constituency will be considered residents too. But a person will not be considered resident only because he owns property here. People who are receiving treatment for mental illness in an establishment or are serving a prison term are not ordinary residents. Members of armed force, police force and central government employees working outside India are considered ordinary residents, even if they do not reside in the constituency. The same benefit is extended to certain offices notified by the President such as Ministers, Governors, Speakers in legislatures etc.

How to register?

Click here

What documents are required?

Passport size photo and copy of your degree certificate self-attested, it if you are personally submitting it.

When is the election?

April 2020

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