Anitha Vinod from Patna shares her experience on how she survived Corona

Anita Vinod, a native of Kerala who now lives in Digha, Patna was tested positive for COVID-19 on 16th March 2020. The lady had high hopes with life which helped her defeat death. She was on Nepal tour between 2nd to 8th March with her husband, who is a social worker. They took shelter in an orphanage cause of some social work.
On 8th March they returned to Patna and a week later she started showing symptoms of Corona such as constant coughing and high fever. It made things difficult for her but she could not figure out that she was affected with COVID-19 until 16th March 2020. Soon fatigue took over and she did not have an appetite anymore. On seeing her deteriorating situation she was rushed to AIIMS Patna where her blood pressure was below average.
She was given doses of cough syrup and Paracetamol. Doctors were constantly working on her to strengthen the immune system so that she could fight the disease. With God’s grace, her immune system was responding well, it waged a war against the virus. Strong immune was the only way to recovery.
For a couple of days she failed to eat due to lack of appetite. But in such times love helps you hold onto life. Her husband was constant support he inspired her to fight the disease and soon she was filled with the desire to live. She started taking liquid meals such as pomegranate juice, lemon water, etc. She says she drank lots of lemon water which was rejuvenating and strengthening. Anita calls herself to be a fighter and why not, after all, she decided not to give up and defeated the deadly corona. This warrior was discharged on the 30th of March after full recovery. She says that her kids and husband were her constant motivation to live. She kept fighting the odds and won life over death.
On being asked how she was infected, Anitha remains clueless. The eldest son had a travel history of Italy but on being screen both in Rome and in Delhi, India he showed no symptoms. The entire family of 10 people was screened but the reports remained negative for all of them. Amid all of this Anitha testing positive for the Corona, the virus came as a shock to the entire family.
Quoting Stephen King, ” Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies”. The hope to live endured, this zealous lady fills our hearts with new enthusiasm and reinforces our belief in the beauty of beings. She showed us that with the right headspace WE ALWAYS CAN. Let us say “we can” to everything in life. We’re still too young to give up.

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