An unforgettable Cultural Sunday at Patna in the midst of 75th National Platinum Jubilee celebration of IPTA.

Patna, on Sunday was a hub and center of attraction for Culture and Arts lovers as IPTA’s 75th National Platinum Jubilee celebration continuous on its second day at all the venues.

The second day of Platinum Jubilee Celebration of IPTA, began with the glorious “eagle-dance” presentation of the Delhi IPTA and Kerala IPTA.

A discussion on the need for a ‘National Cultural Forum’ was held around 11 o’clock. It was presided over by literature scholar and playwright, Asghar Wajahat and national president of IPTA, Ranbir Singh. For this session, famous writer, Hrishikesh Sulabh and actor Javed Akhtar Khan put forward their points very effectively. After this, the national secretary general of the IPTA Rakesh, theater personality MK Raina, poet Rajesh Joshi, social activist Medha Pansare, Dalit Activist and writer Kancha Ilaiya, theater artist Prabir Guha, the General Secretary of the Progressive Writer Association, Rajendra Rajan of Bengal, Hiren Mukherjee of Bengal IPTA , folk singer Sambhaji Bhagat and Hassan Imam of the People’s Cultural Front took part.

Venue : Balraj Sahni Auditorium (Kalidas Rangalaya), Gandhi Maidan.

Manipur IPTA  presented ‘Meenai Naithang’ a play based on the story by Mahashweta Devi’s Classic Ajeer, in the Balraj Sahni Auditorium (Kalidas Rangalaya) under the National Jan Natya Festival at the IPTA National Platinum Jubilee celebrations. This play was directed by Ranveer Singh who told us the story of a slave in which a person tied with a bond (signed by the ancestors) is not allowed to love and marry. The entire authority of the protagonist of the drama is under his master. The bonds signed by the ancestors were actually destroyed long ago, but the self-respected owners kept this illusion that the bondage of slavery is still safe today. This fact opens in the end of the drama, when the master who loves him reveals the love for that slave and it tells that he has got the bond now and he is requesting love on this basis. With the fear that without having captured the bond, he cannot be independent, the protagonist murders him.

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The second play in the Kalidas Rangalaya was “ GAAY” presented by the Coronation Art Theater-IPTA Shahjahanpur (U.P). ‘Gaay ‘ was written by Rajesh Kumar and directed by Jarif Malik Anand, both of them did  really good job in seeking the attention of the audience towards the ongoing debate in the name of protection the cow and the plight of cows in this country. In the name of protection of Cow, how the society acts as being careful about the manner in which the ministers and their allies are engaged in greed and are trying to misguide the masses. In the drama Kumud Kant, Deepali Kashyap, Anuj Singh, Monika Sarkar, Rahul Vajpayee, Naina Gupta, Amit Shrivastava were major leads.

Earlier at Kalidas Rangalaya, a colorful program was inaugurated by famous actress Sanjana Kapoor. On this occasion, she described about theater as a medium to express one’s innermost feelingss and advised all the artists to maintain solidarity among each other. Artists from Chhapra IPTA inaugurated the program with the song ‘Kahab Laj Jai Dhak’. The artists of West Bengal IPTA also performed songs on this occasion.

Venue: Bhikhari Thakur Rangabhoomi, Gandhi Maidan.

At the event, the National Theater Festival was inaugurated by writer  Rajesh Kumar on the Bhikhari Thakur Rangabhoomi in Gandhi Maidan. The artists of the Parivartan Rang Mandali started the show with Rajanandan Singh Rajan’s famous song ‘Jogira …’. In the honor of Bihar, a play was performed  ‘I am Bihar’ directed by Tanvir Akhtar and written by senior journalist Shrikant. Later the artists of Prerna Jasmo presented Hassan Imam’s written and directed drama: “Pole Khula  Pol – Pol”.  The program was dedicated to Chandrashekhar and Safdar Hashmi.

Venue : Premchand Rangshala, Rajendra Nagar.

The poet Kanhaiya Rangbhoomi, created in Premchand Theater Complex, was inaugurated by the well-known theater personality  Professor Guha. The program was started with the performers of Begusarai, Rani IPTA of Bihar, with the various songs. “Asli Shastra” play was presented by the West Bengal IPTA in the amphitheater. Lately, West Bengal performed the play ‘Explode’ in direction of Bhola Nath Mukherjee. Chattisgarh Raipur Rural IPTA presented drama “Torch Seller” in the traditional style of theater which is based on the story of Harishankar Parsai and was directed by Nissar Ali.

Venue: Bhartiya Nritya Kala Mandir

Exhibitions have also been organized on this occasion of the Platinum Jubilee Festival. This exhibition was arranged in the gallery of Chitt Prasad Cultural Complex (Bhartiya Nritya Kala Mandir Multipurpose Cultural Complex).

It Includes important documents related to IPTA, pictures of artists honored with music, drama academy, photos on Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary and poetry poster. The exhibition spread across the three galleries was inaugurated by the famous painter Savindra Savarkar.

For this event, the multipurpose complex has been dedicated to the famous painter and Chitta Prasad associated with the IPTA movement. Chitta Prasad is the man himself who made the unforgettable logo design of IPTA. The remaining three galleries have been named Sunil, Somnath Hore, and Jainul Abedin.

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