You, Mental Health

An interactive session on mental health cleared the taboos

Mental Health is still a taboo; nobody wants to talk about it. We often relate mental health with mental illness. To break the myths and certain thoughts about mental health , With Love organised an interactive session in collaboration with PatnaBeats named “You- With Love”.The session started at 4:30 pm at PatnaBeats office on Sunday, 9th June 2019.

You, Mental Health

With Love is a mental health initiative that aims at promoting mental well-being through creating awareness and giving voice to those who need it. Mental Health is central to everyone’s well-being. As mental health issues are becoming more prevalent, it is extremely important to bring mental health to a forefront and get conversation about mental health started. Being able to talk about it freely is something it calls for all of us.The session started with an introductory session about ‘What is Mental Health?’

You, Mental Health

The discussion took a long run when people from the audience came up with some queries and day to day problems they had. The session geared forward with a talk about self love, components of self love and the ways to pratice self-love. The thin line between selfishness and self love was explained in the session.

The audience went numb when they were asked to define themselves in one word, to this Anushka Pragya, a student said, “I can write a page about others, but when it comes to myself I cannot even write three words because some way I fear getting judged”.

“We are constantly trying to better ourselves and be the best that we can to match the expectations set upon us by the society. We beat ourselves too much and end up being too hard on ourselves. Identifying our own strengths becomes a difficult task for us. Caught in this chaotic world, we often forget what it feels like to really feel good about ourselves. In today’s society, practicing self-love has become a necessity”,said Farheen Rashid, the curator of ‘With Love’ talking to the audience.

You, Mental Health

The discussion turned over to internet and mental health. The negative and positive factors of emotional change that internet and social media does to people were discussed. “We ought to show the world that we are very happy, though we are not- this is the world of internet”, said Shubham, a student of St. Xaviers College.

The session had a second chapter talking about- “Why self love ?”

In this rat race, we function like programmed robots. We have lost in touch with our inner self. There is lack of connection with our inner self. This lack of proper connection with ourselves leads to poor self-esteem, low confidence, self-doubt and we struggle to make sense of our place in this world. The modern society is shaping us in such a way that we are bound to compete against each other and often, we end up competing against ourselves. We end up being hard on ourselves which is not at all healthy for our mind and body.

We all like to spread love, but we need to ask ourselves a question – Do we produce enough love for ourselves?

You, Mental Health

“Mental health stigma is a prevailing problem in our society today. This stigmatization is an important societal problem which needs to be addressed. We are trying to normalize the conversation surrounding mental health so that people start speaking up and talking openly about mental health does not remain a difficult task”, briefed Farheen Rashid, a Mental Health Social Worker  specialized  from TISS, Mumbai who has worked in District Mental Health Programme, TATA Trusts, Nagpur.

You, Mental Health

“It is time we started addressing mental health stigma and awareness in parallel if we want to tackle mental health issues. The session conducted by With Love We Care was certainly a promising initiative in that direction. Their aim to start a conversation and create a holistic environment for people to share their mental health concerns was definitely a welcome change. Here’s hoping we all can contribute to this in some way or the other and bring about a change”, said Sonam Singh from PatnaShots.

The session was all about gaining a basic understanding of mental health and exploring the concept of self love. The focus of the discussion was more on wellness rather than illness, the connection between mind and body was discussed.

There were self reflection activities like:

  • What defines you as a person ? What makes you YOU ?
  • How would you treat and speak to yourself if you loved yourself like a mother loves her little child?

The participants shared views and their personal experiences.

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You, Mental Health

Sushmita from Oxfam  shared her experience with Patnabeats, “It was good to see the youth not only coming out and talking about mental health but also showing serious concerns on personal well being…more such sessions are required to build a healthy and happy environment.”

You, Mental Health

“It Was great initiative by With Love and Patnabeats to bring such session like discussion on mental health and self care in Patna. So yes it helped us to realize that there’s always more to life”,said Varsha.

You, Mental Health

The session was kept with a motto to educate people and make them aware, that will foster better communication. It is time to create a better and safe environment where people feel heard, validated and supported.So, With Love brought this interactive Session in Patna to make mental health a topic of discussion. PatnaBeats is looking forward to more such sessions in Bihar to break the taboo of mental health.

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