An interaction with Rajnish Jaiswal, the director of the movie Chakkalaspur.

Sneak Peak: Director’s Cut, Rajnish Jaiswal

Box office saw a huge rush of audience in cinemaplexes as new and much awaited movies hit theatre, among them is one of the highly critically acclaimed movie Chakkalaspur. Rajnish Jaiswal who is the director of the film comes with an open discussion with PatnaBeats on his debut film as a director.

 Chakkalspur is the story of every village where the basic amenities for survival has been denied. Neither the government nor the responsible authorities ever looked into the problems of the common man. “But where there is will there is always a way”, said the director and the climax scene discloses that because of the efforts of the protagonists, the village gets its denied acknowledgement.Chakkalas in the regional dialect means fun and enjoyment and  the title amply justifies that despite all the odds, the life at this village is full of pleasure and entertainment.

Rajnish got the initial thoughts about the movie while he came across a news article where a village was going to auction itself as it was in a very bad state and was deprived of development. This gave him an idea of making a short film on the same concept where he wanted to deliver this message in a sarcastic way without hurting anyone’s sentiments.  But when the team sat to write the story around the concept they came across a full length feature film which gave them the script of Chakkalspur.

On our question over the casting of the film he answered hat he always wanted this project to be an actor oriented film. So the casting was not such a difficult part as he was predefined to make a small budget movie so all the artists are from theatre background and from renowned acting schools including Film and Television institute of India(FTII) , National School of Drama (NSD) and Bhartyendu Natya Academy (BNA).

Talking about the shooting scenes, his prime locations were Dholi ,a small village in the Muzaffarpur district which is also the native place of Rajnish and Samastipur in Bihar where the major parts of the film took place. Apart from suburbs, Mumbai also contributed its bit as some crucial scenes of films were shot there. The locals played a major role in the development of the films and the director said he will always be very grateful to them as without their major contribution, he couldn’t image it as a complete movie. He said that the casting team spotted many major- minor roles from the localities and after a few workshops and trainings they gave the real touch to the characters required.

On discussing about the problems faced by him during the shooting, he told Patna Beats that as the prime locations were the rural pockets so camera and lighting were the major issues and the equipments had to be transported from Mumbai to Bihar.

Chakkalspur has been screened at Los Angeles Film Festival, Goa Film Festival, Mumbai Film Festival and Patna Film Festival before it got released nationwide on May 26. On a question over the audience’s response towards the film he replied that Film has its own language which talks to the audience and if a film clicks the audience of Bihar and Uttar Pardesh as its relatable in this region that doesn’t mean, it won’t appeal to the diasporas’ viewers or the foreign critics, it will provide the same aroma worldwide which Chakkalspur has successfully done and has been appreciated everywhere.

He showed his keen concern over the bad performance of low budget movies over box office despite  being highly claimed by critics due to the less availability of screens. Theatre owners show their loyalty towards the big names and productions houses. Low budgets films have been denied screens due to which the audiences have to move towards the piracy by downloading from several online sites, which disrupt the business of these films.  Despite all the odds,  Rajnish managed to release Chakallaspur in 250 screens in states namely Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and National Capital Region (NCR).

In reply to a question related to his expectations from the film he told that he has no such expectations,  he just hopes that the message he wanted to convey to this crowd as an independent movie debut director gets delivered and despite having any big name to his side, he trusts his story  and narration which is enough for a movie to do good business.

Talking from his experiences in past after working in Bollywood with big names like Prakash Jha and many others, he advices the young bloods who want to opt film making as their career that keep working under any big director to gain new experiences from their work and be regular with short film making and documentaries of their own so that their learning process also goes hand in hand.

”Practice always makes a man perfect” said Rajnish while his interview with PatnaBeats.

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