खुशियों की Diwali, A Celebration By Youngsters of Patna to Bring Communities Together
Khushiyon Ki Diwali

खुशियों की Diwali, A Celebration By Youngsters of Patna to Bring Communities Together


Diwali is a festival of inspiration and hope. The celebration of lights eagerly awaited by everyone around the globe. It enhances the positivity in the air and reflects the same as well. It is an auspicious time to greet others with joy and share the smile around. But the contrast, If we look in the surrounding the unevenness in the society can easily be observed, which display the shadow in the life of a human being. On the opposite for the same, A Social Media Platform, Amazing Bihar Jharkhand having Prashant, Amir & their team celebrate this festival in a unique manner but this uniqueness should become common for more encouraging lives.

खुशियों की दिवाली 

Khhushiyon Ki Diwali


From the last four years, they are organising an event, खुशियों की दिवाली. Where they celebrate the festival with under privilege children, providing them with the best Diwali celebration possible for the better goods. They do various interactive activities and allowing them to have the best eve possible with loads of sweets, crackers and more eatables.


This year as well a profound event under the correct norms will be going to happen. Trying the most to avail the maximum smile on the face of children. The adverse light of uneven classes in society should be concaved by the charms by this type of initiatives. One should contribute as much as they can in the same. And spreading pleasure by making them believe for the better future that will definitely add some light into the account.

Khhushiyon Ki Diwali

This Diwali, Let’s take a pledge to minimise the differences in the societies. And pray for the enriched happiness and prosperity in life. Ensuring, these particular steps towards the betterment for the society holds the correct grip for the better living place for all.

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