An initiative by Koilwar Mental Hospital towards Mental Health in Bihar

In the time of World’s health-related concerns, Pramod Kumar Singh, in-charge director of Koilwar Mental Hospital, declared about an initiative on the trending occasion of ‘World Mental Health Day’ held on Thursday.
Bihar has been observed facing an annual increase of around 30% in people who have mental illness since 2012, according to the state health department officials.

After witnessing an increment of 30% in the total number of patients every year since 2012, Pramod Singh said that a new hospital is soon to be fully constructed, especially for the mentally disordered patients in which it is decided to have 540 beds, by initially considering 272 beds in the first phase.

Pramod Kumar Singh, also the head of the psychiatry department at Patna Medical College Hospital (PMCH) added that more than 50,000 cases have already been registered at Koilwar Mental Hospital as outpatients this year. Singh also acknowledged about propitious suffering of kids and adults due to mental illness which needs to be taken care of by spreading awareness through the development of an aura for availing medical aid.

In the living scenario of health concerns, parents need to make their kids mentally strong, and not only physically. Prominently, he believes the parents should be carefully told about how important is mental health and what are the necessary things which should be kept in mind for helping their children to prevent mental illness.

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“A child may not be very good in academics but can be a good musician. But parents compel them to study and ignore their hobby which leaves an impact on their mental health,” said Singh.

As a matter of practical observation, Pramod also shared that around 70-90 people visit the Psychiatry department of PMCH daily and IGIMS and Nalanda Medical College receive an average of 70-80 people daily. He is highly concerned about people of Bihar who are facing mental issues and he promises to provide awareness as much as he can, he said. It is a gratified moment to see a person like him who is not only collecting information about Bihar’s health-related issues but also paying his efforts for mental health prevention as well as a cure to lessen the health problems of Bihar.

Written by Priya Jyotsna

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