An extraordinary marriage: a couple in Patna solemnised their Nikah via video-call

Everyone remembers their wedding, well maybe it’s because it’s one of those special days in our life that we cherish for a lifetime.

Everyone wants to do something different at their wedding to make it more memorable. What about a wedding that took place over a video call? That would make one very memorable wedding for sure.

Amidst the chaos caused by the Coronavirus, people are bound to their homes. No one can go out so the idea of getting married is completely out of the question.

There is a saying, ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’. A couple based out of Bihar’s Patna solemnized their Nikah on March 24 through a video call. 

This wedding was earlier planned to take place on 23 March but due to CoronaVirus outbreak Bihar was locked down and so was Ghaziabad and the couple was 1000 km away from each other. Danish Raza, the groom was in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad whereas Sadaf Nasreen, the bride was in Patna, Bihar. The possibility of getting married for this couple was almost impossible.

This 21st-century couple used technology to get their happily ever after. 

The world got to know about this one of a kind wedding when the video of their wedding ceremony was shared by ANI with the caption, “#Watch Bihar: ‘Nikah’ of a couple was performed through video conferencing in Patna yesterday, amid lockdown in the state due to #Covid19.”

In this video, we can see two people getting married in Patna, Bihar via video call while sitting in different places. This  63-second video starts with the wedding officiator reading verses. The TV set hanging up on the wall shows the visuals from the groom’s side. After a few seconds, the wedding gets solemnised and people start hugging each other. You can hear them saying, ‘Mubarak ho’. The bride is then brought in front of the television and the couple looks at each other for the first time after getting married.

This wedding proves how technology has brought us closer, has made our life much easier and how one can always find a silver lining. 

Meanwhile, a 21-days nationwide lockdown has been implemented. And according to rules, social gathering of any sorts is prohibited. 

Nothing is normal in today’s time. But we need to practice social distancing; it is the only way that will lead us back to our normal life. It is hard to cancel the plans and deals made before this outbreak, but nothing is as important as our lives.  So, let’s just all count our blessings and stay at home.

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