An Engineer From Patna Has Turned His Residence Into Green Paradise

An Engineer From Patna Has Turned His Residence Into Green Paradise

Whether you are earning well or breathing a lavish life in a foreign or metropolitan city. But, at the last of the day, one thing you hope is to return to your hometown.  Even the vision of your actual place gives you butterflies. That place has a different kind of ‘sukoon’.

This is a story of a guy who left everything behind just to find that sukoon.  Rajesh Kumar is an electrical engineer. He lived in many places for his education and job but make his transfer to his hometown in Patna in 2012. His grandfather’s house is in Phulwari where he used to live with his hobby of farming. He said that he lived with his grandfather and used to plant trees in his 7,000 sq. ft. lallarge garden. His father and Uncle also loved to do so but quit that chore due to their job.

Nowadays, Rajesh resides there with his family and encouraged by his grandfather’s farming. He also started planting various trees and plants in his ancestral garden. Rajesh planted different fruit trees of mango, litchi, guava and many more. Apart from that, he also planted vegetables. He has numerous domestic animals in his farmhouse.

There is a small pond in Rajesh’s garden where he  fishes. “ When I used to live in Bengal, everyone had ponds on their home which prompted me to keep a pond in my garden as well. Last year, I got 150 kg of fish which I also shared with my friends and family.” Rajesh added.

Rajesh’s four-year daughter named shivi also shared his hobby. He expresses his happiness by telling that his daughter supports him and assists him with her small helping-hand. “I feel like I’m giving a good upbringing to my daughter. It is our responsibility to love and take care of nature. It gives us wonderful life.” Rajesh Concluded.

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