All the information of resources you need in emergency for Covid patients

The second wave of Pandemic has hit harder, with 44700 active cases being recorded in Bihar, as per the Bihar Health department.

With the alarming situation, right information at the right time is the key to the safety of the Patients.

Below is the list of curated information on whom to contact for getting tested for Covid-19. There are seventeen private Pathological lab service providers who are conducting RT PCR tests.  You can call them over to your place keeping in mind the safety concern. The price charged for conducting the RT PCR test ranges between 1100 to 1600.

Below is the list of Ambulance service providers in Patna. There are seven health organizations providing ambulance services at an emergency call, covering different areas of Patna.

If the situation of Covid positive patients starts getting severe, here is the list of Hospitals that are treating Covid-19 cases. There are twenty- four, both private and government hospitals, treating Covid-19 positive patients in Patna.

In case of need of Oxygen cylinders, below is the list of contact numbers you can reach out to. There are twelve contact numbers of people and organizations, which can help you procure Oxygen cylinders. Some are even distributing it for free.

Below is the list of Remdesivir providers in Patna. Remdesivir, the prescribed medicine for Covid-19 treatment is being supplied by five private organizations. The drug is also being provided by the respective hospitals.

Please, circulate the information amongst your friend, family, and relatives and help people stay informed so that they can deal with the virus in a better way.

Make this information an essential part of your First Aid box, and be prepared for the unprecedented situations ahead.

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