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Affordable in price delicious in Taste, Al Chef brings Arabian taste to Patna

Metropolitan culture has hit Patna and in a very delicious way. Going to fancy restaurants and putting selfies on Instagram is the new buzz in the town. New eateries, food joints and high-end restaurants are opening every now and then and we Patnaites are going gaga over it. Competition is getting stiffer by day as new people and new cuisines are entering market and this competition has offered us a whole new range of dishes which common people like us literally never heard of.

Shawarma an Arabic mouth-watering cuisine which made its way all through UAE to Patna via Al Chef.  Started in August, 2015, Al Chef has made a name for itself in Patna. The first outlet opened at Ashok Rajpath in front of Patna College. They received a massive response by college going crowd because of their unique offerings at pocket-friendly prices. Their astounding success led them to open another outlet  at East Boring Canal Road.

Adding Arabic zaika in Indian taste buds and that too in a Bihari outlet is something Al chef should be proud of.

A guy living out of Bihar visited our office and when we offered him Shawarma he was astounded that we also have Shawarma in Patna. Shawarma, something we Patnaites never heard of won all our hearts when Al chef added Indian spices to it. As Ali Arif, one of the co founders of Al chef, told us that they hired a guy and sent him to Dubai to get Arabic culinary skills to Patna, Bihar. They worked for a whole year before launching Al Chef, researched properly, made about 100 people taste few of their dishes, took their feedback, and added reformations to them. Even after facing this much hassle, their vision is to make the menu pocket friendly to which all kinds of people including students can connect themselves. Each and every cuisine we tasted at Al Chef was budget friendly and mouth-watering both.

“Food fresh, Mood fresh” is what Al Chef believes in. The aroma of sizzling Chicken and steaming Biryani fill your nostrils the same moment you set foot inside the café.

I had fried chicken and shawarma and both the dishes were good on taste. For the first time I had fried chicken in Patna without any dissatisfaction. Shawarma was a little stiff hence it wasn’t like the usual shawarma you eat in Delhi but nevertheless it was prepared really well. Also, the joint is very affordable. I forgot to take the pictures but I’ll definitely do it next time. And the Uncle who owns the shop is really polite.
– a satisfied customer, Gaurav writes on Zomato


In Boring Road you’ll find plenty of eateries and cafeterias including some high-end places and still people preferring Al Chef over these is itself a compliment. Many people come to taste Shawarma for the first time finding it yummy enough to promise a visit again.

Not only Shawarma but the Biryani Al Chef offers is really good. Take that in quality and refinement or the quantity Biryani has, it was more than enough. And if we’ve to recall the cherry on the top, it was the customer service for sure. That homely warmness they provide you is commendable.

Other than Shawarma and Biryani the other delicacies they offer to fulfill our cravings with are Sandwich, Pizza, Burger, French fries, BBQ and Fried chicken. The super affordable prices allow you to have lunch including Chicken Stew and Chicken Kasha with Butter tawa Naan at a minimal cost of 150 only.

What fascinated me the most were the drinks. Drinks offered in Al Chef are so mind calming and healthy at the same time, and when I say healthy it means low sugar, low calories drink. Shahi Drink, Lemon Drink, Lemon Mint Drink, Malai Dessert and different varieties of shakes completes your dining experience in an appeasing way.

The co-founders, Mohammad Ali Arif, Abdullah Hejazi and Ikram-ur-Rahman are trying to take Al Chef to next level. They want to develop it as a food chain by establishing Al Chef in other parts of country as well and not only in metro cities but also in tier 2 cities like Jamshedpur and Ranchi. Their aim is to make Al Chef represent Bihar in other states and making us proud.

One of co-founder while talking to us said,
“We want people from other states to see that we Bihari not only can establish a brand but can manage it so well.” The essence of Bihari pride Al Chef adds with their dishes makes us crave for it. Al chef happily takes orders for parties, receptions, meetings also so next time when you have to add delicious Arabic cuisine to your event you know which numbers to dial.

So, give it a shot and explore other Arabic cuisines at Al Chef and please do let us know how filling your experience was though we’re quite sure that you’ll have a marvelous time.

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