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​ Why PatnaBeats?  
Hi! PatnaBeats this side

We not only propagate the positivity but also carve out the unnoticed segments that should be on the surface, adding the greatness in the same.

Segregation being done already by the so-called society that we “Biharis” shouldn’t have the clutches of our life

This particular frameset that “others know us better” need to be in pieces and the real uniqueness should cover the dark shadow of the State of Bihar.

We are taking steps that every Bihari should take pride in saying that “Yes, I am a Bihari”.

  • When the entire segment of media and politics is conspiring against the picture of one small state, we bring you the happy and proud stories from the place of one of the oldest habitation.

  •  Stories about the state which are much more than politics and poverty, goons, and guns. Stories that have grown among us and have remained unnoticed. Stories that would make a difference in society and changes the vision of individuals as well.

  •  Patna Beats is not only an online media platform but also an e-commerce company headquartered at Patna which deals with the uniqueness offered by the state in terms like Customized Merchandising, Food Products, Arts, etc.

 What We Do ? 

1. Positive Media

  • The Stereotypical shadow in Bihar that captures the essence of the State. It not only crushes but also insults the purity of the people.

  •  This unfavorable image creates an adverse scenario for the State and its people as well.

  •  We explore the positive, enriching, and socio-giving stories that depict the real Bihar in front of all.

  •  Looking ahead with a focus to achieve the contemporary point of achievement with relevancy as well.

2. E- Commerce

  • Wear your identity T-Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, Coasters, Badges etc.

  •  Art of Madhubani, Mithila, Manjusha, Tikuli and Sikki.

  •  Unique Food Products of Bihar like Sattu, Makhana,   Khaja, Lai, Tilkut, Thekua, Tisi, Anchaar etc.

  •  Bihar based ornaments & gifts like Lahathi, Bamboo Products.

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