Abhishek Acharya

Abhishek Acharya, who believed in Magic and in the power of his dreams!

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Magic is the art of believing in oneself. If one can do that, he can do anything. This is the belief that Abhishek Acharya had in himself since his childhood.

Abhishek Acharya who hails from Munger in Bihar had firm belief in perseverance and determination. If a person is determined to acquire what he aspires, no force can stop him then. Born of professor parents, he was always the intellectual type. But, he used his intellect for doing something unique and different.

As a child, he was always fascinated by the idea of the supernatural. It all started with a magic show that he once went to with his father. The magician and his tricks got him glued to the world of illusion and the idea of creating miracles like the magician he saw impregnated in his mind.

Abhishek AcharyaIt would be very fascinating and inspiring to know that Abhishek is a self-taught magician.

“After the show, I asked my dad to get me magic books which he did and that is how I started teaching myself,”says Abhishek.

But being a conjurer is not easy. It has its own hassles and disappointments. Sometimes, it takes months to perfect a single magic trick. But one should always stay motivated and strive hard for achieving the moment of perfection.

“It is the determination and the belief in oneself that is the crux of any magic or miracle. Apart from this, my mom is my source of inspiration and she is the one who always pushes me towards getting perfect,” says the magician who believes in the magic that one has within himself.

Abhishek AcharyaThough Abhishek is an engineer also but it is magic that is the source of his heart’s elation. His elder brother and sister are both doctors and being the youngest one, he was always encouraged and supported by everyone to persue his ultimate dream, that is of being a renowned magician which he seems to have accomplished with his efforts and hard work. Magic has become an inseperable part of him.

He very enthusiastically says,” Magic is like a living organ to me. Had there been no magic, there would have been no Abhishek Acharya.”

He has conducted a number of shows all over the country and he has his own channel on YouTube. One would be simply left in awe of him after looking at his tricks. He has already proved his mettle and established his identity as one of the most innovative and the best magicians that the nation has.

Abhishek AcharyaHe presently resides in Delhi but he is a proud Bihari. And he believes that all the people of Bihar should be proud of themselves because they have magic in themselves and hence, they are all magical. He says that magic is the power to do the impossible and time and again, Biharis have done it by the dint of their candour and labour.

So, All of us are Magic!

The sutra behind any magic is having belief in one’s dreams and abilities and working hard towards attaining what they aspire and infuse magic in their lives.


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