A Traditional Bhojpuri Folk Music in the State Bihar, Kajri

A Traditional Bhojpuri Folk Music in the state Bihar, Kajri



Bhojpuri Music is renowned in our entire country and considering Kajri is one of them. People from different states as well enjoy this energetic vibe of the Bhojpuri music and enjoy it thoroughly. Bhojpuri music consists of different style, both traditional and modern. Origin of Bhojpuri music is not much known but it includes various forms of traditional folk music.

The traditional music of Bhojpuri is sung by people on special occasions like weddings, childbirth and different festivals including Chhath. Folk music is more than just entertainment, it is a key to the bonding of all communities.

The Bhojpuri music consists of various forms of folk music and Kajri is one of them. Kajri is sung during the season of Monsoon or in the month of Sawan. The word Kajri is derived from the Bhojpuri word Kajra (kajal or kohl), which refers to the dark colours of the clouds, is a genre of semi-classical singing.




Kajri is majorly popular in the state, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. These songs are the series of season songs, which are traditionally sung during Chaiti, Hori and Sawani, in the Uttar Pradesh and Bihar region. Along with the Bhojpuri language, Kajri is also sung in Awadhi and Maithili language.


The theme of traditional folk song Kajri revolves around Radha-Krishna, looming clouds and peacocks. Kajri gives us a very mesmerising feeling of the seasonal monsoon. The songs are very close to the hearts of the local public of the state, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
The lyrics of the song tells us the story of, ‘Saawan’, which means the season of monsoon. It deals with the description of the monsoon, which includes dark clouds, greenery after rain, sounds of thunder and many more. ‘Jhoola’, which means swings that are built on trees, is considered the most popular entertainment for the women in monsoon season. ‘Varsha’, which refers to the separation from one’s lover.


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