A surmised Meteorite found in Madhubani kept at Bihar Museum

Bihar museum gets a new meteorite in its collection which was found in Madhubani’s Laukahi Block on 22nd July 2019. According to a report published in The Hindu on Wednesday, “A celestial object, weighing over 10 kilograms and having magnetic properties, was brought to Bihar museum on the instruction of CM Nitish Kumar, two days after it was discovered in Bihar’s Madhubani district.”

The object weighed 13 kgs, and it crashed in the rice field with a thunder sound, is said to have magnetic properties. After this, the villagers and farmers accumulated to extract the object from five feet deep hole in the ground. Still, the investigation is on whether the rock-like object is a meteorite or something else. Local villagers said that the impact of the object left a five-foot hole in the ground.


The object was kept at the district treasury for a while after it was found. After the district magistrate alerted the Department of Science and Technology, it was then transferred to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s official residence in Patna at 1 Anney Marg. After CM’S order, the suspected object is now kept at Bihar Museum which will be sent to Shri Krishna Science Centre for further study. The experts at the Science centre will study the features of the object and would confirm the exact nature of the object.

The farmers who witnessed this said that it is a light brown-colored object and as it smashed on the ground, it lets smoke up. The find is being analysed by scientists as a possible meteorite. Meteors are particles of dust and rock that usually burn up as they pass through Earth’s atmosphere, with those that survive the fall known as meteorites.

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According to News 18 Report, in 2016, authorities in Tamil Nadu state said a meteorite killed a bus driver and injured three others. While Indian scientists backed the claim of the regional authorities, US space agency NASA later said did not believe the object was a meteorite. In February 2013, a meteorite plunged over Russia’s Ural Mountains, creating a shockwave that injured around 1,200 people and damaged thousands of homes.

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