A replica of Patna Sahib Gurdwara has become the centre of attraction in Patna.

A replica of Patna Sahib Gurdwara at the Gandhi Maidan tent city here has become the centre of attraction for Sikh devotees at the 350th birth anniversary celebrations of Guru Gobind Singh. Takht Harmandir Patna Sahib Gurdwara in Patna city is about 9 km east of Gandhi Maidan. In case devotees fail to visit Patna Sahib, they can get “the same feel” at Gandhi Maidan with this replica made by 250 skilled workers.

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Celebration committee member Jeet Singh said, “The replica was constructed with the idea that if devotees are unable to visit the shrine, they should not miss out on the experience after having come all the way. Besides, the main function is being organised here so the replica had to be made. It was not made at the other two tent cities — Bypass Road and Kangan Ghat — as they are near the original shrine.”Many dignitaries, including PM Narendra Modi, are scheduled to attend the main function on January 5. The Darbar Hall at Gandhi Maidan has six doors, three on both sides. At least 30,000 devotees will be able to sit and listen to the ‘nagar kirtan’. Next to the Darbar Hall, three ‘langars’ (free kitchens) are also functional 24×7 and serving food to the devotees.The gathering of devotees at Gandhi Maidan tent city has turned the place into a “mini-Punjab” and a tourist spot for local residents. “We have never seen this kind of service here before. Everything is free here,” said a Sikh devotee, Gurunam Singh, from Kaithal district of Haryana.

Source: Tribune India

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