A momentary of Golghar with five amazing facts

Bihar is one of the oldest tourist place in the world with the history going back to 3000 years. It is a home to many tourist attractions and is visited by large numbers of tourist from all over the world. One of the tourist place of Bihar is Golghar. Let us know about some interesting facts related to this building.

1.The Golghar is a large oval shaped storehouse which is located in the west of Gandhi Maidan, Patna, Bihar. It was built by John Garstin, who was an architect and engineer of the East India Company. It is a combination of both the history and natural beauty. It is one of the most famous tourist place among people.


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2.The biggest problem with the Golghar was, it cannot be filled to its maximum capacity because the door was unable to open in outwards direction. In order to being a philanthropic Granary, the top of Golghar provide a beautiful scenic view of the city Patna and the river Ganges. It is encircled with 145 stairs that will take you all the way up to the top from where your eyes can grab the wonderful panoramic view of the Patna.


3.Once people said that a Nepali prince on his visit to Patna scampered on his pony all the way up and all the way down to the sheer panache of it. It is unique in itself because nobody can find the another Golghar in the world.

4.It is beautifully circled with a huge garden .It was made just after the flood came in 1934 to help the citizens to feed them. The architecture has a height of 29 m and the width is 3.6 m. The staircase of the Golghar was designed to impede the passage of the workers who loaded and uploaded the grains in the storehouse.


5.The gentle wind blowing over the zenith as one beholds the sight of the ancient city that lies ahead of you is a serene experience. In addition to this, one can also arrange for a picnic in the garden that this attraction lies in. In an effort to increase the visitor influx to Golghar, a light and sound show have been introduced here as well.

The present condition of this monuments is that Government is working towards it’s renovation. Now the popular culture is taking place over the Golghar, it was shown in the movie India’s most wanted.Visit this destination for a quaint day out with friends and family.

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