From Discussions to Bhajans and Everything in Between: A Day Out At Patliputra Mahotsav

Right from the moment when you land at the Miller’s Ground on the Beer Chand Patel Path, there is a certain buzz of excitement in the air which you cannot miss. The ground has been designed in such a way that it could attract and accommodate all type of person very easily. Main stage, the Street Play space, food stalls and commercial stalls are segregated in such a way that even while occupying the same area, they look a different entity altogether. There is no haphazardness about their location.

patliputra mahotsav, Patna, BiharPatliputra Mahotsav which was inaugurated by RCP SINGH, Rajya Sabha MP from JDU on 26th December, was in its full swing today. It started at 11 in the morning with a panel discussion on the topic “Social Effects of Alcohol Ban in Bihar”. The discussion was moderated by Ashutosh Kumar. To develop a deep understanding of the consequences and achievements of the alcohol ban, renowned personalities from various fields of the social strata were invited as guest panellists. The panel included Dr. Dheeraj Sinha, Mr. Prabhat Sarasij, Vibha Singh, Ashutosh Anant and Dr. Binda Singh.

A street play titled “Darwaza Band to Bimari Band” based on the theme of eradicating open defecation was staged amongst a cheering crowd in the centre of the ground. The play was enacted by the members of a theatre academy going by the name of “The Strugglers”. It was directed by Rahul Kumar Ravi. All the members of the group were enthusiastic and entertained the crowd whole heartedly.

patliputra mahotsav, Patna, BiharWhile these were the main attractions of the morning and afternoon sessions, other activities such as imparting training to women in traditional art forms such as Tikuli Art, Manjusha Art, Mdhubani Art, Sikki Art etc and Ideathon, a designated start-up program went on simultaneously.

Visitors arriving at the venue seemed thrilled by numerous prospects of shopping at various commercial stalls. These commercial stalls include women entrepreneurs in quite a large number which is a refreshing site both for visitors and the organisers as well.

As the evening approached, both the number of people and the chilliness of the winter winds started increasing. If there was something, which could pierce through those chilly winds and mesmerise the visitors at the same time, it was the melodious voices of Harishankar Verma and Nitu Navgeet.

A soulful performance of devotional songs by both the singers and their team left the audiences spellbound and satisfied at the same time. From 5pm in the evening, the audiences enjoyed various performances till the closure of the event at 9pm.

patliputra mahotsav, Patna, BiharIf you have not visited the Patliputra Mahotsav till now, well not to worry, because these are still the starting days and the pace has just begun to gain momentum. If you are in Patna, make sure you reach to the Patliputra Mahotsav  Ground as soon as possible. If not, you might miss major events. And regretting later would do no good. If you are not in Patna, make sure that you visit Patliputra Mahotsava at least once for sure; it’s going to be great experience.

If you have been reading our posts regarding the Mahotsav, then you must be familiar with the ending. And if you are reading it for the first time, don’t worry! It’s no mystery that’s going to unfold.

We know that you are already buzzing with excitement having read this and our previous articles on the Mahotsav. We promise you to be your online guide and reporter throughout this grand festival. So come visit the Patliputra Mahotsav and keep following PatnaBeats for more reports.


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