A 60 years old man from Bihar invented a bicycle that floats on water

A 60 years old man from Bihar invented a bicycle that floats on water

‘Innovation is the only way to win’- this quote certainly fits Mohammad Saidullah, a man from the state of Bihar who was know for his amphibious bicycle and other technology contributions and won the 3rd national grassroots innovation Awards in the year 2005. He also developed many multi-functional products such as the mini tractor, key-operated table fan, fodder cutter-operated mini water pump, spring-loaded cycle, conserved energy operated bicycle and mini turbine for electric generation. Also one of the innovations contains a designed magic painting that shows the picture of eminent leaders like Lal Bahadur Shastri, Rabindranath Tagore and Subhash Chandra bose.

As we all know that the state of Bihar is prone to floods. In the year 1975, there was a big flood in Champaran which lasted for 3 weeks so saidullah used a boat and in the city, he used a bicycle as he had to cross the river to get the provision.
Then he thought of the idea that if he could make the bicycle float on water as well as move on land it would save money and time. And within 3 days, he developed a floating bicycle. This amphibious is also known as NOOR BICYCLE.

His love for his wife is so evident that every innovation of his has been named after her. So we have NOOR BICYCLE, NOOR RAHAT -electric powerhouse. And the NOOR WATER PUMP. As most of his innovations have the name noor in them. This is to revere the memory of his late wife whose name was noor jahaan and this inspires him to innovate over and over again.

Md. Saidullah grew up in a village called jatva jeneva which is purvi Champaran of Mothihari district, Bihar. He has studied up to the tenth standard in ramsingh chatuani in gajpura but could not complete his studies due to personal reasons.
‘An inventor’s mind should be free:not bound with conditions “-this is a belief that has fuelled saidullah’s mind with a passion to develop these products.
Using this cycle he crossed the Ganga from pahelaghat to maherndrughat (patna). Initially, he spent ₹6000 on the development of the floating bicycle.
Apart from these, saidullah is dealing with two more new ideas in his mind. One of them is a mini electric powerhouse which has a name noor Rahat. This will help to produce electricity to operate at least 2 fans and 2 bulbs. And the cost of developing this will have the sum of ₹50000. The second idea is to have a helicopter which would cost a total of 25 lakhs.

If we talk about the advantages of the floating bicycle we will get to know that it will help people in rural areas. As they no longer need solely depend on a few overcrowded boats for crossing the river. As the cycle operates both on land and water the money and the time required for hiring a boat to cross the river and for further transportation on land is saved. Further crossing the river can be done at one’s convenience. NIF has sanctioned saidullah a sum of ₹33, 750 from the micro venture innovation Fund for the prototype development for market research of his bicycle.

This 60-year-old Bihar man measures a long distance on a bicycle. Now he wants to create something new to show his love for exploration till the last moment. His innovation has given him the identification in the country and also he gained great fame across the country. He considered innovation as the goal of his life.

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat “- Steve Jobs
He showed us this quote through his innovation and his love for science.

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