9 Reasons Why No One Can Have Enough Of Bihar and Biharis!

9 Reasons Why No One Can Have Enough Of Bihar and Biharis!

The nation never gets enough of Bihar and Biharis. Be it our state polls or our movies, we are always in the limelight. Here, are a few things that every Bihari will totally relate to:

9: From economics to politics, we know it all:

No one can debate with as much confidence and passion as we do. We are always ready with facts and figures to back our points and to refute the opponent’s points.

8: We are great talkers:

Not only do we have some very great content to rant about, but we also have that deep tone, with which we instantly win people to our sides.

7: We all have attempted Civil/ Engineering/ Medical entrances, at least once in our lifetime:

That’s the most common growing-up experience in the heartland of Bihar. And why not, when we have all that it takes to be there, intelligence paired with immense potential and above all, the willingness to work hard. It is really nerve-wrenching, when people from other states term any ill-educated moron as a “Bihari”.

Our state produces the highest number of IITians and many of the top-notch positions in the country’s highest administrative/ civil services are grabbed by Biharis. So, we really feel like smacking the faces of people who categorize us in the “ill-educated” lot.

6: We love all things larger than life:

From Manoj Tiwari to Shah Rukh Khan, from Bhojpuri cinema to Bollywood, there is never a fan like us. We are so much in awe of our favorite movie stars that we will shout our guts out to prove that yes they are the best.

5: We equally enjoy the most humdrum things of life:

Be it the opening of a new KFC or McD outlet in the vicinity, it actually causes a riot in town, with people ranting about it for days.  😉

4: We always have a stock of some very yummilicious snacks:

With litti-chokha, topping the list, we also stack on sattu and the very yummy, thekua, as an instant answer to unexpected hunger pangs.

3: Yes, stereotypes do offend us:

No, Bihar definitely isn’t a state of scams. Fodder scam happened here, so did CWG scam in Delhi and Vyapam scam in Madhya Pradesh. So, it is about the people and not the state, you see. Not all of us, but most of us speak with an accent, so do Gujaratis and Maharashtrians. If their accent is not funny, our accent is not funny either. Yes, like all other people, we use abusive slangs when we are angry but no particular abusive slang is patented to any Bihari.

2: We celebrate our traditional festivals with the greatest fanfare:

From Chath Puja to Eid, no matter, in which part of the world we are, we celebrate all our traditional festivals with great pomp and splendour. Not to forget, the turnout in these festivals, rocks the newspaper headlines, year after year!

1: That sense of humor:

We along with our casual sense of humor, wits and quirky lingo, can inject fun in the most boring atmosphere and make heads turn with our “say-it-like-it-is” attitude.

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