7 Colloquial Terms Used In Bihari Weddings.

Like us, our weddings are quite a head turner too. Read on to know Bihari weddings colloquial.


  • The marriage proposal for a boy by the girl’s family or vice versa is called “barekhi”. In Patna, it is referred to as, “babhan puchchi”.

  • When a suitable match has been found and at the time of negotiations if the bride’s family members are to visit the groom’s house or vice versa, the food served to the visiting party is known as, “bartuhi ke bhaat”.

  • The start of the marriage ceremonies commence from presenting “tilak” and is termed as “lagan”.

  • The marriage procession is known as “bariyaat”.

    P.S. (We call it “bariyaat” and not “baraat”) 😉

  • The aforementioned “bariyaat” halts at the bride’s place for a day. And, this halt is colloquially known as, “marjad”.

  • The newly wedded bride is known as “gaunahri”. The male members of the bride’s family are known as “lokanah” and the female members of her family are known as “lokanya”.

  • The persons who escort the bride to the mandap are known as “lautahar” or “levari”.