6 Students from IIM Bodhgaya selected for Youth delegation 2019
IIM Bodhgaya

6 Students from IIM Bodhgaya selected for Youth delegation 2019

An autonomous public business school in BodhGaya, Bihar, and IIM BodhGaya was established in the year 2015 as the 16th Indian Institute of Management of the country. Among the five Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) set up by the 2014 Union budget of India, IIM Bodhgaya is one of them.

On one hand where the college is working on its new campus, a new achievement has been added in the list. IIM BodhGaya’s six Post Graduate Program (PGP) participants namely Anchit Kumar, Ravi Shankar Barnwal, Veeresh Singhla, Vipul Sehgal, Shubham Motiwale, Bhardwaj Vadhri; visited Russia and China as part of Youth Delegation 2019. It consisted of youth from some of the topmost colleges in India, youth leaders as well as social workers and volunteers. The event was organized under the aegis of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.

IIM Bodhgaya

The delegation aimed to create an international perspective among the youth and involve them in promoting peace and understanding through cultural exchange. The student will elaborate their business knowledge on global scenarios and interact with dignitaries as well as students around the world to get accustomed to recent business implications, advancements and solutions. Anchit Kumar from PGP 04 batch was part of youth delegation team of four to Vladivostok, Russia. Six hundred delegates from all over the world were invited to Russia while Anchit Kumar was selected as one of the top twenty delegates.

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The other five students were selected to visit China as a part of the Indian Youth Delegation. The teams were divided into two parts to visit different places in China. India and China are trade partners hence it is important for youth to understand the global functions.


The new IIM campus will be spread over 73 acres. The beauty of the campus architecture can be defined through different design elements. Entering the campus, one is greeted with the Buddhist ‘toranas’ which is ornamental gateways, the abstract demeanours of which are imposing and yet rooted to the ground.IIM BodhGaya is creating opportunities and values each day and students are culminating it further.

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