6 Historic Religious Architectural Monuments in Bihar

The senile hallmarks of religion in Bihar

Mundeshwari temple- The oldest temple in Bihar 


Although some controversy can’t be overruled but Mundeshwari temple in Kaimur district of Bihar is said to be one of the oldest temples in Bihar. It has Nagara style of temple architecture which is a 2000 years old style of architecture. It is built on a rare octagonal plan.  It is situated at a height of 1,995ft over Mundeshwari hills and is said to be built in 2nd-4th century CE.  It is not only oldest temple in Bihar but is also considered as the “oldest functional” temple in the world. The Archaelogical survey of India has stated it as been built in 108 AD. It has Chaturmukh Shiv Linga and Mundeshwari devi with ten hands riding a buffalo.

Pathar ki Masjid- The oldest mosque in Bihar

Pathar ki Masjid situated in capital Patna is considered as the oldest mosque in Bihar. It is located at the banks of river Ganga near Takht Shri Hrmandir Saheb. It was built by Parvez Shah, son of Jahngir. It is said to be built in 1621 in Indo Islamic architectural style. It is built of stone, hence the name ‘Pathar ki Masjid’ which means a mosque made of stones.

Gurudwara Ghai Ghat- Oldest Gurudwara in Bihar

Not very far from Takht Shri Harmandir Sahib is  Gurudwara Ghai Ghat which is considered as the oldest Gurudwara in Bihar. It is also known as Gurudwara Pahila Bara is dedicated to Guru Nanak Dev.  It is said that Guru Nanak dev stayed here during his vsit to Patna. It is a historical Sikh shrine situated at Ghaighat in Patna.

Padri-ki-haveli – Oldest Church in Bihar

‘Padri-ki-haveli’ which is also known as St. Mary’s Church. It was built by Roman Catholics in 1713. It was build with American colonial architecture style and was redesigned in 1772 by a Venetian architect. It still stands with an amazing architecture and a large cathedral bell as the main attention. It is also said that Mother Teresa got her training here. The room where she stayed there is now a part of Missionaries of charity’s house. This place has very important in role in Mother Teresa’s life.

The Mahabodhi temple- Oldest Buddhist temple in Bihar

Bihar is a very important landmark for the religion Buddhism as the place where Lord Buddha got enlightened is in Bihar itself. The Mahabodhi temple in Bodh Gaya Bihar is considered a UNESCO world heritage site. This place has descendent of the Bodhi Tree (a peepal tree) under which Buddha got enlightened. It is said that around 589 BC young prince Sidhharth Gautam sat under the peepal tree for meditation and after three days and three nights he got enlightened and got all his sought answers.

Jai Mandir- Oldest Jain Temple in Bihar

 Jal Mandir in Pawapuri is a temple dedicated to Lord Mahavira, who was the 24th religious preacher of Jainism and the founder of Jain religion. Mahavira attained Nirvana (salvation) in Pawapuri in 528 BC. The Jal Mandir is situated in a tank filled with red coloured lotus flowers. It is said that Mahavira’s elder brother Nanivardhan built this temple. There is local legend that after Nirvana Lord Mahavira was cremated and the pilgrims took a large amount of soil as sacred ashes. This created a huge pit which became a tank and a temple was built within the tank. 

Bihar has very well incorporated in itself a rich historical background of every religion in it’s soil. Despite the prevalent negativity about our beloved state, the saga of the cultural,historical and religious significance continues to bewilder the nation. Share this and let everyone know about our state.

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