51 Couples to get married in 'Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi'

51 Couples to get married in ‘Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi’

Among many organisations which arrange and plan collective wedding in our country, ‘Maa Vaishno Devi Seva Samiti’ is one such which organise the same with the name ‘Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi’. This Committee is organising the 10th session of their collective wedding event today- 7th July 2019. All together 51 couples are going to get married in the event.

Ek Vivaah aisa bhi
Apart from organising wedding, the committee has planned to donate eyes, Body and blood. They have also planned to award those people who have worked in different fields.
All the couples will get gifts from the committee so that they could easily start their new life.They have planned to gift a Bicycle, a sewing machine, a set of utensils and Ration of 15 days. The objective of giving bicycle is to provide mode of convenience to the grooms to their workplace and sewing machine is to encourage brides to work from home.


Mukesh Hissariya, the founder of the Organisation said that they will encourage eye donation for social welfare.


10th June to 19th June was the date to fill and submit the form for applying in the collective wedding. 25th June was the last date to complete all the legal formalities and to receive wedding omens. Total 150 forms were distributed this year in which 51 were shortlisted for the marriage. The secretary of the committee, Mr. Sushil Kumar said that the planning of the event is at its full pace and they are very enthusiastic about it.

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The wedding event will be organised in Maharana Pratap Bhawan in Patna. The Bride and Groom will come with ten family members and Baarat will departure at 4 in evening. The committee will organise the breakfast, lunch and other essentials of the marriage. The Baarat will depart with all the grooms on horses to Shri Krishna Memorial Hall. In the hall, there will be different stages for Mandap, Jaymala and other marital ceremonies.

In the event, those who are able to see the world after the eye donations made by others will express their happiness through the stage.This time, five peoples of Bihar who has achieved a peer in society will be honoured by the committee.

PadmaShri and Lok Singer Sharda Sinha, Guddu Khaitan who is being discussed these day through his channel NMF News in YouTube, International rugby player Shweta Shahi, journalist Anand Dutta who has set an example in the service of humanity and Pawan Kumar who brought art and literature to home to home to through social media, will be honoured.
Apart from this, AAJ TAK channel’s associate editor, Sanjay Sinha will be present in the celebration with some people, for whom the world was dark before. But now, they are able to see the whole world with the help of eye donation. This time,famous blind singer Diwakar Sharma will be delivering the message of eye donation. Recently, Diwakar Sharma has been the 2nd runner up of television show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Rising Star show of Colors channel. To promote Eye donation, visually impaired students of Antarjyoti Balika Vidyalaya will be presenting a song.

Shashi Bhushan Prasad who donated his son’s eyes, heart and liver will also be present in this programme. Heart of Prasad ji’s son was sent to Kolkata and liver to Delhi for transplantation. Utpal Sen who donated his dead wife Shipra sen’s whole body to IGIMS, will also be present in this programme. In this event, delegate of Kadam Sanstha will be present to deliver message on environment.

This committee has not been established only for marriage purpose, after the group marriages, they will also help all those couples from time to time . If there’s any kind of tension between couples, Samiti would provide counseling so that their married life could work properly. That’s the reason, they has been here so far that 438 marriages have been successful till now.
Treasurer Satish Agrawal told that about 5000 guests attend the “EK Vivah Aisa Bhi” group marriage program . Even though sitting at home, people can go live watching the entire program on the committee’s website. Also people from all over the world can watch this event live on YouTube as well as on the Facebook.

Former President Jagjivan Singh said that thousands of distinguished persons will be present in this program. The Chief Minister and the Governor have been requested to be present as the Chief Guest.
Secretary Kamlesh Singh informed that recently, the grand darshan of the mother will be prepared by the artists of Kolkata and for the wedding , a 20000 sq feet pandal will be built outside the Shri Krishna Memorial Hall. The special thing in the procession is that the Durga Band, Maa Durga and Shankar Band have expressed their desire to play their own band free in the procession.


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