5 must-visit breathtaking scenic waterfalls in Bihar

Bihar tourism is famous for many scenic places but is underrated in terms of the waterfall. In this listicle, we will unravel the 5 underrated yet breathtaking waterfalls in Bihar. 

1) Telhar Kund

The Telhar Kund is situated among the ridges, making the place a scenic beauty. The place is surrounded by the Kaimur Mountain range. The kund is ‘your spot’ for selfies and photographs.

It is located on the Bhabua-Audhora road in the Kaimur district of Bihar. The distance from Patna to the kund is 219 kilometers, and approximately 32 km from Bhabua.

Karamchat Dam is built near the waterfall. At the end of the kund, is a lake quite popular among tourists. Every day hundreds of tourists visit the spot. Another gem in the fall is the hot water spring nearby the kund.

Entering the water is prohibited by the government as the water flow is strong, and the chances of an accident are possible.

2) Tutla Bhawani waterfall

Considered among the most exquisite waterfall in Bihar. The place is also commonly known as Tutla Dham and Tutrahi. Kachuar river originates from this waterfall. The place is surrounded by overgrown greenery and serenity. The place is perfect for the trek, one can easily reach the fall after 1.5 km of trekking. The waterfall was named after the famous Maa Tutla Bhawani Temple, visited by hundreds of worshipers and tourists daily.

Situated in the Rohatas district of Bihar, a 20 km drive from Dehri-on-sone.

(photo source: google)

3) Manjhar Kund

The kund is insanely famous for its turquoise water and aesthetic ambiance. 

The kund is a great deal for a family picnic in the summer, you can swim in the cool water lake, enjoy fishing with family, and spend a warm time.

Earlier, Sikhs used to have historical connections with kund, they used to carry their holy book, Guru Granth Sahib here for three consecutive days. The water here has minerals and therapeutic properties that are beneficial for health and digestion.

The place is a must-visit for nature lovers, as the place offers everything one looks for along with scenic beauty.

The place is located in Sasaram and distance of 160 km from Patna.

(photo source: Bihar Tourism)

4) Dhuan Kund

The place perfectly fits the definition of unspoiled nature. The presence of mist makes the rainbow visible to visitors.

The place offers some of the best hiking experiences through the waterfall. Since the flow of water is quite strong government uses this to produce electricity. The amazing part of the waterfall is the two streams that flow beneath. The top of the fall is a flatland, making it pleasing to the eyes.

The kund is situated in Ashikpur near Sasaram making it approximately 150 km from Patna.

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5) Karkat Kund

A British official Henry Ramsay once stated Karkat Kund as one of the most picturesque waterfalls. The fall was once the favorite spot for crocodile hunting among the Mughals and British officials.

Located in the Nema Gothu near the Kaimur hills and Karmanasa river. The underrated and underappreciated waterfall of Bihar is surrounded by lush greenery.

The place offers terrific water-based activities like boating, swimming, and fishing. The waterfall is 100 ft high and 300 ft wide.

The Bihar government plans to develop a crocodile conservation reserve and eco-tourism spot to boost Bihar tourism.

The approx distance from Patna to the waterfall is 212 km.

(photo source: google)