5 Companies delivering Medicine to your home in Patna

In the current times, all we could do to fight this pandemic is to stay at home.
We need to keep in mind that we don’t have to go outside until and unless it is very necessary and even when we go out we need to follow social distancing and take precaution like wearing a mask or gloves to avoid chances of getting affected.

It has been observed that senior citizens and people who already suffer from an illness are more likely to get infected and affected by this disease. It is ideal for them to not go out of the house. But even when the chance of getting infected is so high they need to go out to buy necessary items like groceries and their medicines.

At times the local pharmacy shops only have general medicines and it is hard to get medicine from anywhere else due to the lockdown.

Fret not, some pharmacies are acting as corona warriors are delivering your medicines at your doorstep. If you know someone who is need of medicine tell them about the following pharmacies or order it for them.

If you are in Patna and need medicine or any healthcare product like sanitizers or masks you can get them from the following :

1. Xpressdawa.

link: https://xpressdawa.com/?fbclid=IwAR2dwVOdq66iUinSjJxrqooOLqNisgLY1j4-FvTXI9Epppt29OotLoYCmtI

Contact number: 9110037097

2. 1mg

link: https://www.1mg.com/


link: https://www.medlife.com/



5.Mauryan Chemist.

link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100016387744049&hc_location=ufi

WhatsApp Number: 970997733

e-mail id: [email protected]

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