300 Verdicts in 2.30 Hours: Patna High Court Creates History

The Patna High Court on Wednesday created a record as it announced verdicts on 62,061 cases out of the 63,070 cases filed in only 7-and-a-half months. On November, it pronounced judgements in 1,489 cases. A judge alone heard 300 cases and delivered judgement on them.

Patna High Court’s Chief Justice Rajendra Menon had joined the Patna High Court as its chief justice on March 15, 2017. He never took a leave after that and worked passionately to conclude the cases stacked up on the court. By Oct 30, the court had pronounced judgements on 62,061 cases.

On 13 July this year, the court gave verdicts on 1266 cases. On September 21, it gave out judgements on 1056 cases. On October 17, 1189 cases; and on November 9, it finalised 1489 cases.

A one-judge bench of justice Raviranjan listed 300 cases bail-related cases and pronounced judgements on 289 cases. Only 11 cases remained due to the absence of advocates related to those cases.

Source: India.com

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