21-year-old from Muzaffarpur gets Rashtriya Udyan Ratna for seedless lemons

21-year-old from Muzaffarpur gets Rashtriya Udyan Ratna for seedless Lemon

Like every father, a father farmer by profession from Sakra block in Muzaffarpur, Bihar also wished his son to succeed in life. But unlike others he did not want his son to play safe and secure a 9 to 5 job, instead, he wanted him to succeed as a successful farmer and lives the life he imagined.His son lived and worked for his dream and as said tenacity with continuous failures are just beads in the bracelet of success.

Sonu Nigam Kumar, a 21-year-old was selected for the Rashtriya Udayan Ratna award within 4 years of his farming venture. He has received his letter of appreciation from the government and would be awarded on 28 May in Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

In an interview given to I-ANS he said, his late father who died on August 2019, had received the prestigious President’s Award along with several other honourable awards for his applaudable contribution to the field of Agriculture. He wanted him to educate the villagers regarding organic farming after his education.

After his father’s demise, Kumar started working in fields to achieve his father’s dream. He rose to fame for his seedless lemons and pointed gourds (parwal) cultivation, he also cultivates varieties of different vegetables. Four years back from Indian Vegetable Research Center, Varanasi he bought the Pointed Gourd (parwal) from Jalgaon a lemon tree. Today in an area of five acres he cultivates Pointed Gourds and in that field has a total of 60 lemon trees.

He briefed about how his Pointed Gourds are different in size and nature from those of chemical fertilizers infused. The nature of his Pointed Gourds are they bigger and do not have more than two seeds and more fridge life is more as they would not turn yellow if kept for more than 4 days. He practices organic farming and does not use anything consisting of chemical properties on vegetables. Likewise, his seedless lemons are also different from that of the chemical infuse ones, they are juicier and bigger.

In addition to his briefing he said, lemons are produced through the process of crafting and a total of 300 lemons are produced in bunches in every 60 trees every year. With the encouragement of the officers of the Agricultural Department and the continuous support of his family, he never lost hope and this helped in his upliftment. He feels his father despite being less educated could be honoured with the President’s award for his work, he might be too.

He keeps getting support from Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University, Pusa, Samastipur along with several other agriculture-based institutions. He was praised for being called the inspiration to the youth by an Agricultural Scientist and the Principal of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay College of Horticulture and Forestry.

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