18-Year Old Patna Boy Can Potentially Be The Next International Scientist from India

18-Year Old Patna Boy Can Potentially Be The Next International Scientist from India

History is witness, our Bihar granted better than one superior and brilliant person to the World. Remember Aryabhata, Rajendra Prasad, HC Verma, Manoj Bajpai, Ravish Kumar and counting. Again, Bihar gave another gem to the Country. This time it is a teen boy who is splintering the bad image of our state and bringing laurels to the state.

This boy’s name is Amul Pushp. He is studying at Delhi Public School, Patna. His age is just 18 years. But,
he could be the next International scientist from India. His passion for studying physics and cosmology
led him to Britain’s Royal Astronomical Society (RAS).

Nominated by Britain’s Astronomer Royal, Lord Rees, Amul is selected as a fellow after he researches
black holes at the Royal Astronomical Society of Britain. Lord Martin Rees is a brilliant astronomer and
professor at the University of Cambridge who was impressed with this Patna boy’s brilliant scientific

As per RAS told a website, the RAS fellowship is open to people above 18 years of age. However, Amul’s
excellent work did not deter them from choosing him. All fellow fellowships out there are of
postgraduate or Ph-D grade.

Amul gave all his gratitude and thanks to the Indian Physicist Partha Ghose, a basic science professor at
SN Bose National Centre, Kolkata. Amal has written in one of his emails that he will never forget the
favour he has done for him. Ghose also called him a special talent and said that he would nurture his

After his selection, many Indian scientists praised his work and criticizes Indian education. “Indian
Institute does not have any good strategy to differentiate genuine talent other than good marks in
exams,” said Saurabh Dubey, a physicist at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune.

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