14 Awesome Things About Biharis!

India is often referred to as Incredible India. And it’s the people that make it incredible. Especially we,the Biharis. We are cute, funny and extremely intelligent people. The world may say a lot of things about us but you just can’t ignore us. Here are 14 awesome things about Biharis according to people from all over India.

1. “We have the ‘can-ace-almost-any- competitive-exam-in-India’ gene (UPSC/JEE/AIPMT…)”

2. “Our language is loaded with too much tehzeeb .”

3. “And when a Bihari loses that tehzeeb, he still is very funny.”


4. “We will always have an opinion on everything.”


5. “We are the most bindass people.”

6. “You can’t imagine Indian Railways without Biharis.”


7. “They’ll always keep you in splits with their antics.”


8. “And with our amazing sense of humor.”

9. “We know of all the jugaads .”


10. “We know about everything on Earth. We might even know of things happening in Uranus.”

11. “We are extremely proud of being Biharis.”

12. “A Bihari will never ditch you when you are in trouble.”

13. “You can make as much fun of them as you want and they’ll laugh along.”

14. “We have the most awesome comebacks.”


All you Biharis out there, I want to tell you that we guys are awesome!!