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  • Innovations make life easier and bring excitement
    Looking back in time, there are some very important innovations that have impacted our lives in many different ways. Some of these innovations are so important that they have changed many parts of peoples’ lives and even the whole society. One of these innovations is obviously the internet. It has changed how we work and […]
  • How to Bet on Sports Without Losing Your Shirt?
    Betting on sports is a big business. Millions of dollars are wagered every year on sports, from point spreads betting on the Super Bowl to the local women’s rugby game. However, betting isn’t for everyone, especially if you don’t have the bankroll to back up a wager. Here’s some advice for making good bets without […]
  • Patnabeats Collaborated With 53 Cafe House To Bring The Spectacular Multi-Genre Music Festival To Patna
    Uniting all music and food lovers in Patna, Neo Patna Music Festival in association with 53 cafe house was an unprecedented crowd puller this season. The festival was lauded not only for its spectacular and diverse line-up of artists like Aditya Prakash, Shivam Narayan, Arinar Black, The Bloopers, 22Days, Abhishek Aditya, Daniel and many more, but it […]
  • How to Increase Women’s Participation In Sports
    In the past, most sports were male-dominated, with little to no female participation. Although things are changing and women are witnessing more inclusion, there’s still much to be desired. On average, female athletes encounter more obstacles in their careers than their male counterparts. Certain sports like car racing are still seen as “men’s sports” and, […]
  • U-17 Junior Women’s National Football Championship – Bihar’s Daughters’ Third Consecutive Victory
    Bihar squad achieved a landslide victory in the U-17 Junior Women’s National Football Championship on June 22, 2022. Bihar team defeated Delhi with a remarkable score of  0-5. Our state accomplished this achievement in the ongoing  Hero Junior U-17 Women’s National Football Championship 2022-23 at the Sports Complex in Guwahati, Assam. Before that, Bihar played […]
  • How to have the best viewing experience while watching the UFC
    Indians have always been keen lovers of sport. Even though cricket is an unrivaled favorite among many, more and more people are starting to explore different sports to watch and enjoy. Thanks to the internet, you can now be in Bihari and be very engaged in international sports such as F1 and UFC. When it […]
  • Dr. Anand Prashad From Bihar- The first One To Revealed The Benefits Of Zinc In Cough And Cold
    As the common cold is a viral infection of your nose and throat. A cold virus enters your body through your mouth, eyes or nose. It can spread through droplets in the air when someone who is sick coughs, sneezes or talks. Dr Anand Prashad from Bihar pioneed the study of since deficiency and published […]
  • An Engineer From Patna Has Turned His Residence Into Green Paradise
    Whether you are earning well or breathing a lavish life in a foreign or metropolitan city. But, at the last of the day, one thing you hope is to return to your hometown.  Even the vision of your actual place gives you butterflies. That place has a different kind of ‘sukoon’. This is a story of a […]
  • Bihar’s Women’s Rugby Team Created History, Won The National Championship For The First Time In The Senior Category
    Bihar won the 9th Senior National Rugby Competition by defeating West Bengal on June 12, 2022. The tournament was played at Patliputra Sports Complex, Kankarbagh, where Bihar Rugby women players won against West Bengal by 15-5 and claimed the gold. Shweta became the best player whereas Dharmshila also played well. While Shweta scored 10 points, Dharamshila also […]
  • Mohammed Shams Aalam from Bihar Set New National Record in world para swimming
    “A legend in making! Bihar’s Mohammed Shams Aalam sheikh has set the new national record in the men’s 200m individual medley SM5 event at the ongoing #worldparaswimming championships 2022 in Portugal. congratulation @iamshamsAalam on your incredible achievement!” Wrote Bihar Foundation, retweeting an MYAS tweet. A Bihar boy Mohammad shams Aalam sheikh, set a new national […]