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    The black stone is one of the most beautiful, strong and pretty expensive stones that is world famous in today’s world. In the commercial world, it is known as black granite but the real product is a dark grey which is further polished dark grey to black. Almost 200 years back, Ahilyabai, the queen of […]
  • Pankaj Tripathi’s New Avatar Is Doing Rounds On The Internet
    It is already a very celebrated fact that Pankaj Tripathi is one veteran actor known to breathe life into the characters he ever played in movies and series. He’s one of the most lauded film stars and a down to earth human being as well. He is known for his humbleness and sweetness, unlike on-screen […]
  • The victory of Sharad and Pramod at the Tokyo Paralympics will pave a path for others to follow
    Two of the world’s finest sportsmen from Bihar have earned accolades for the whole nation in the Tokyo Paralympics 2020. Former world No. 1 para high jumper Sharad Kumar who hails from Muzaffarpur bagged a bronze in T63 male high jump and the four times world champion shuttler Pramod Bhagat rooted in Hajipur claimed the […]
  • The Changing Face of Lottery Gaming
    For many people, lottery gaming is a pastime they have enjoyed for many years, but that has always involved playing a local game. Things are now changing, and lottery gaming is becoming a worldwide event that you can join anywhere around the world, not just locally at home. Sites such as show players where […]
  • The Indian Game That Could Take the Gaming World by Storm
    The online gaming industry continues to grow and also diversify at a strong rate, and one of the next games to go worldwide could be a card game from India. Many casinos are now targeting the Indian market, and to ensure they bring in enough custom, they have to offer traditional Indian games to their […]
  • Why are So Many Indians Turning to Online Gaming?
    India and online gaming are moving closer together. We are seeing a lot of people turn towards this, whether that is video games that have gone to mobile, or casinos now offering a mobile service. But what is making Indian people move towards this? Availability of Online Games The biggest reason why people are turning […]
  • Best Betting Apps in India 2021
    Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have noticed a sharp increase in the number of betting apps that are now available to Indian players. While the online betting industry has been fighting for legalisation in India, bookmakers have clearly realised the potential of the market and are making every effort to […]
  • Ramchandra Manjhi who kept Bihar’s tradition “Launda Naach” alive For 84 Years
    Ramchandra Manjhi has been performing Launda Naach for 84 years. He dresses up as a woman and performs on songs and plays written by Bhikhari Thakur. He recently received the Padma Shree Award. For some, receiving a Padma Shree Award may be the biggest achievement. But for him, it was something else! His dream was […]
  • Online Gaming is booming in India: Bihar has its share
    The Covid-19 epidemic has resulted in a slew of changes in our health, behaviors, and connections with food, family, and a variety of other things. They had a lot of time to kill since they were confined to their homes, attempting to come to terms with a life on hold. They tried to entertain themselves […]
  • The Relationship Between Bihar and Ludo King
    Ludo King has re-defined gaming with a whole new approach by bringing in people from all over the country. While being stuck at home was certainly a big turn off, we did have Ludo King to make things better and Indians are not going to forget that game anytime soon. It has brought in excitement, […]