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  • Bihar’s Garhbaneli Dussehra fair remained confined to the pages of history
    India is filled with festive opportunities almost all year long with fine weather. These days, the festival season is in full swing. It is Dussehra/Navratri, to be followed by Diwali shortly. However, with the change in time, the way of celebration is getting modified. In a nutshell, festivals are all about money. If one can […]
  • The Rich and Varied Cultural History of Patna
    A brief study of one of the most ancient historical cities of Bihar, Patna and its rich cultural background. Patna is a very old and famous town, originally created in the sixth century BC by Ajatshatru, who was Magadha ruler, that originally constructed a tiny castle in Pataligram upon the shores of the sacred Ganges […]
  • Saanjh Sakare- Bihar’s first musical drama brings the pain and frustration of unemployed youths trapped in drug addiction and corruption
    The theatre was filled with liveliness and there was applause all around as we watched the screening of Saanjh Sakare, Bihar’s first musical drama at the Regent Cinema. This short video film has been released on all the major music platforms of the country, including Stitching Frames Entertainment’s YouTube and is getting appreciation from all […]
  • Gaya, a place of offering food and clothes to the departed soul
    In India every Pitru Paksha, numerous people throng Gaya in Bihar to perform Pind Daan so as to bring peace and salvation to the departed souls of their ancestors and other relatives. In Hindu mythology, we were told that on Pitru Paksha, our ancestors come to earth and provide us with their blessings, and carry […]
  • Marriages in Bihar are incomplete without Kohbar
    One of India’s glorious paintings: India is a land that gave birth to various forms of painting. India has its own identity of rich cultural diversity, which is well reflected in the charm of its enchanting folk arts and crafts. Marvelous painting styles are prevalent across various regions, representing the traditions, customs, and beliefs expressed […]
  • “Patna ka Superhero” is winning hearts at the Prithvi Theatre
    A nostalgic trip to incomplete love, migration, identity displacement and so much… हमारे हिसाब से दुनिया में तीन ही क्रांतिकारी हुए है। भगत सिंह, कार्ल मार्क्स और पिंटू भईया। ऐसा हमारा नहीं मनोज का मानना है। वही मनोज जिसके सूपरहीरो है पिंटू भईया। पटना के शिवपुरी मोहल्ले का रहनेवाला पिंटू जो एक समय पर गली […]
  • Shailesh Kumar, Founder of “Pedal4Planet”, on a mission to clean the Ganga ghats of Patna
    Have you ever looked around and found that Bihar needs to be transformed in a plethora of ways?This is being made possible by the hands of Shailesh and his team. Shailesh Kumar, 35, founder of Pedal4Planet, is not only saving the environment by cleaning Ganga but also spreading a positive vibe by using bicycles to […]
  • The World’s Longest Journey Reaches Bihar on An Electric Auto, Creates the Guinness World Record
    “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. These are the lines which we associate with the amazing traveller whom we came across. We have never seen someone with so much passion for travel. The guy wore a very raw look and came across as someone like a friend with no air […]
  • How Dharnai, a village in Bihar, went India’s first fully solar powered village
    Electricity is now considered one of the basic necessities, gone are the days when it was considered a luxury. During the 69th Independence Day speech Hon’ble PM mentioned about electrifying the remaining Un-Electrified (UE) villages in the Country would be electrified within 1,000 days with the help of States and local bodies, but to no […]
  • Gandhi’s Impact on Bihar Music Culture
    Father of our Nation Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is well known for his efforts to attain freedom for our country, giving recognition to the rights of Harijan, and working for women’s welfare, Gandhi is known for his Satyagraha, he’s a role model to many. But rarely do we know that Gandhiji also had an impact on […]