Sporty Ideas – Lawyer’s Mind | In Conversation With Tejaswini Ranjan

There are girls, then there are girls who love sports and then, there is the founder of Plawyered, Ms Tejaswini Ranjan. An aspiring lawyer, Editor-in-chief and content head of various prominent journals and blogs and not to forget, a diehard fan of M.S. Dhoni who loves sports so much so that she wishes for a Sports Law!

Excerpts from her conversation with PatnaBeats :

Tell us about your early life and family.

A. I have spent the first 18 years of my life at Purnea, my home town where my father runs his own business while my mother is a teacher by profession.
I always had a thing for sports, irrespective of a particular game which distinguished and isolated me from other ‘regular’ girls.*laughs*.  I wanted to take up journalism as my career but life had different plans for me. One thing led to other and here I am, pursuing law.

What are your areas of interest?

A. Apart from the obvious sports, I am very vocal. Even during my school days, I have won many prizes in various sports as well as debating events.
The fact of me being vocal helped me meet my new area of interest in my college life, that is upliftment of rural lives and rural development issues and for which I started my own journal called ‘Pragmana’,  back in 2014.
And recently, I have started this sport journal thing, known as plawyered.

What is Plawyered? How did you come up with something unique like this?

A. As they say all the great ideas often come in the shower, Plawyered being no exception. *Smirks*
On a serious note, I had to write an essay on a topic something in this precinct, but I was unable to find any substantial content support on the internet, especially on the pages from India. So, I thought of doing this on my own, which in turn would help many others. I started collecting various information and articles, along with my small team, which eventually got formed in the midst of all the work that I was going on with. I started searching for articles and prospective information for my journal, wandering in the digital world from FIFA to BCCI to many other prominent sports federations all around the globe.

How do you manage Plawyered as well as your studies?

A. I have always been pre occupied with my involvement in various blogs and journals, including ‘Think India’, ‘Legal Desires’ and much more since my early college life here at CNLU, Patna.
The only secret being that I have always been like I do not have to ace in studies but secure modest marks and keep on going with my all round work.

You have started a bunch of new ideas at such a young age, how does it feel?

It feels nice.
I feel contended that I am able to do such things, along with my team.
The things that increases my happiness exponentially is the fact that my mother is actually proud of me now and this makes me feel complete.

Any message for PatnaBeats?

Keep covering the positive stories and unsung heroes, the way you guys are doing.
We all have to work together in a very close nexus, to change the perception of Bihar at majority.

 Any message for our readers at PatnaBeats?

Keep on reading PatnaBeats, keep on spreading the positive vibes. Keep on sharing and spreading thoughts and stories which have a potential to change the grey perception of Bihar, at large.


You can read the April’s issue of Plawyered by clicking on the picture below.