Patna Nagar Nigam to create organic fertilizers from waste.

The Patna Municipal Corporation is looking forward to construct compost pits at secondary garbage dumping sites in some of the areas like Agamkuan and Gardanibagh. This initiative is taken for the conversion of biodegradable waste materials into organic fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers are plant based fertilizer that is derived from organic sources. These can range from organic compost to cow manure, but they must be derived from all-organic sources. If a lot of synthetic chemicals are added to a soil, it eventually loses its organic matter percentage and micro-biotic activity, which leads to an unhealthy soil. As organic material is used up, the soil structure deteriorates; it becomes harder and less able to hold water and nutrients.Kitchen waste as well as other wet garbage will be decomposed in this process of making organic fertilizers. In the process, heavy machines will be used to cut or break down the waste into smaller pieces and then chemicals will be added to transform it in organic fertilizer.


As per the commissioner  Anupam Kumar Suman, this plan is short termed and it will take another year to start construction work of the integrated solid waste management plant at Bairiya, Sampatchak in city Patna. Mr. Suman also stated that the compost pits will be ready by the end of September and following this, more will come up at places in AZIMABAD, Bankipore, Kankerbagh, New Capital, Patliputra and Patna circles.


PMC is already running the door to door garbage collection programme. With this new work plan, the collection through door to door will get dumped into secondary trash points at different places of the city. The step to convert trash into organic matter would soon be adopted at other places like Biharsharif and Bhagalpur.

In this method, wet garbage including the kitchen wastes will be decomposed. Through this new strategy of Patna Municipal Corporation,not only the useless waste material will be used  but it will also degrade soil pollution.

With this, Patna will get the big city decomposing methods and this will be a great step towards healthy environment.

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